Natural skincare by Flora Metaphor

I recently launched a natural skincare line. The recipes are inspired by my love for gardening and appreciation for the variety of benefits the plant world have to offer us, hence the moniker: Flora Metaphor. I like using traditional methods of making products, then adding my own special flair to them. My lip balms in particular have sprinkles of flowers or zests to give them a boost in flavor.

Natural lip balms by Flora Metaphor

Natural lip balms with a special touch

My business is fairly new and it was getting to know other makers that sparked my recent burst of creativity. It’s true when they say creativity is contagious!

Flora Metaphor

Handmade by Dina


It wasn’t long before I began making things for myself, sharing them on Facebook, and received encouragement from friends to make more and put them up for sale. So I did. My online store is now open for business and I will be selling at my first artist market over Labor Day weekend. Things are just getting started. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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3 Responses to Natural skincare by Flora Metaphor

  1. Miz Lulu says:

    Your lip balms are really pretty, thats a great idea ^.^ I’m excited to get crafty this autumn! ❤ Checking out your online store now! Feel free to come have a look at my site.



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