Lavender Rose bath salts – the perfect gift for your Valentine

Flora Metaphor bath salts

Give your Valentine the gift that keeps on giving- relaxation in a Ball jar! Lavender Rose bath salts are pretty to look at and dreamy to experience, and only $15 per jar!

This herbal blend of Himalayan Pink Salts is infused with lavender essential oils, and mixed with roses and lavender flowers.

Himalayan Pink Salts are naturally packed with 84 minerals not found in any other types of salts. These salts cleanse the skin and can help with skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis, and acne.

Lavender is a calming herb commonly used in aromatherapy for relaxation. The essential oil is also used as an antibacterial, for help clearing up acne, and to aid in sleep irregularity

Rose petals in a bath can help calm anxiety and stress… and they look pretty in the bath. 🙂

Included with the salt is a small muslin bag. If you prefer an easy clean-up, pour salts into the bag and run it under the water as the tub is filling. Once the tub is filled, keep it in the tub until the salts are dissolved. The herbs will stay in the bag.

If you prefer for the lavender and roses to be loose in the water, use the muslin bag for other things like a coin pouch or a jewelry bag.

Buy it now in my shop!

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